Trimester 2!

Woo!! You have officially made it to trimester 2! Congrats! Now is the time your body will feel almost like its normal self! Morning sickness should no longer be sticking around, you will gain lots of your energy back, you will feel human again! The best part about trimester two besides the fact you will feel almost human again, is you're getting to the half way point and you get to find out baby gender!! How exciting! I was beyond excited to find out what my little bean was! You are going to love trimester two, but it will be gone in a blink of an eye!

This is the time for a baby moon vacation, time to yourself, and to spend as much quality time with your partner! You will be feeling your best and embrace it while you can! SLEEP and rest as much as possible, your body will thank you later!

Your little babes growth

By the end of this trimester your babe should weigh about 2 pounds and at 14.5 inches! You will feel them kicking, moving, and doing flips! Such an amazing feeling, until they kick you right in the ribs. Now thats a different story.. They are now able to recognize your voice and even your partner's! Now its time to read to that bump of yours! By the 26th week babe will be able to blink those little eyes! Your little one is going through some rapid growth now and starting to pack on weight for life outside of the womb. If you are unfortunatantly like me you will begin to have some discomfort as you're growing uterus pushes upwards onto your stomach.. Believe me it's not a fun feeling. Don't worry though it does get better! Fun little fact about babe, they now can yawn, stretch and even make faces! They will be giving us all kinds of weird looks very shortly!

Making the best out of trimester two!

- Rest!

-Plan a baby moon! Even if you aren't going anywhere hot and sunny, plan a weekend where its all about you and relaxing!

-Spend quality time with your partner

- Set everything up in the nursery while you have the energy!

- Get all babes stuff washed and ready to go

- Make sure you are getting a healthy diet in

- Exercise

- Do your research for M.A.T leave, health care provider for after babes is born

- To do list!

- Prepare your self for the terrible glucose screening! Oh yes, its that bad!

- Add kegals into your daily routine

- Look into baby names ( You don't reliaze how many people you dislike till you have to pick a name..)

- Educate yourself or look into childbirth classes

-Take bump shots! You'll miss the bump when its gone capature it while you can!

Most important look forward to your third and final trimester!!

You got this mama! Xo