Relaxation & Unwinding

Well, spring is finally making its grand arrival, we all start to get into that good warm weather feeling. Although spring is around the corner our every day lives still continue with our stressful jobs. Which means we still have to continue to adult every day... Which is not the easiest. But it doesn't always have to be. There is always a much needed relaxation and time to unwind. Okay so that doesn't mean we have to go spend every weekend at the Spa ( Although that would be SOOO nice) There is simple ways around the house that can help us deal with these stressful adulating challenges. Here are some of my favourite ways to relax and unwind after a long day of adulting.


Just because we have to be an adult all day every day, doesn't mean we can't enjoy a nice warm bath with loads of bubbles! I mean who doesn't love bubbles? I loooove them! They are so relaxing and just the warm water, with the light from candles shinning of them.. Ugh just so relaxing! Defiantly gives me the relaxation and unwinding that was needed after a long day.

2. Warm Beverage Every morning I start my day off with a cup of water followed by my favourite tea. It makes me so relaxed and so ready to continue you on with my day,if the day becomes rough I will make a cup of tea and sit there and sip on it and let it do its magic! The magic of a warm beverage can make you feel so warm and cozy inside. Truly brings relaxation

3. Walking

  • Now that it's getting nicer out and everyone is slowing making their ways out of the caves again, If I am in  need of some me time I will go for a nice walk along the water. Im thankful to be living so close to the water, it is so peaceful and so relaxing. Although I can't walk to far with this giant belly, but even taking a short walk and sitting by the water like the old couples do in movies is really rewarding.

4. Your favourite snack

Okay maybe this is the pregnancy talking, but currently loving ice cream more then ever... Probably not a good thing.. but who is going to stop me? The ice cream police? Probably not.. That is okay though, your favourite snack can always change your mood, if thats ice cream, an apple, to a full 3 course meal. What ever it may be, if you need to unwind and this helps you feel little better then DO IT.

What ever your day may consist of, don't forget that you are most important and there is always a spot for downtime! Even if that only means 10mins, use it! Be kind to yourself. XO