Preparation for Labour!

Well, my time is coming to end of this lovely journey I have encountered. But now it is my turn to full point all my interest into preparation for labour, as its just around the corner. They say pregnancy normally goes so slow, because you are just waiting for the days to go by... but let me tell you its gone SOO fast. Little too fast. Only have 10 weeks left, which means 10 weeks to start preparation for labour!! Exciting!!! Also crazy scary!!

What I am doing to prepare my self for labour!

1. Kegals We have all heard of them, and we should all be doing them even if we are pregnant. At least some sort of pelvic floor exercise. I know 100% that I have a weak pelvic floor, and I need to focus on that before the big day. I normally will do 10 for 5 seconds every other hour or so. Although there is many other good exercises out there, currently I am sticking to this one. I can already feel a difference! Because I know if I don't stick to doing this exercise imma be peeing my pants lots after labour... no thank you!!

2. Raspberry Leaf tea

Nobody knows for sure if this truly works, but I mean hey.. If it is going to help in any way for labour, give me a whole shipment of this! Currently I am starting with only one cup of it a day, but as the weeks go on I will be able to increase it to 2-4 cups a day.. Even though this stuff taste like grass, so if you plan on drinking it, I HIGHLY suggest putting some sort of sugar or honey in! They say by drinking this it helps strengthen the uterine wall and DECREASE labour time!! That's right mama shorter labour!!

3. Dates Although I can't start this one just yet, have to wait a couple more weeks I will 100% be doing this! Eating 6 dates per day! Research shows that by eating 6 dates from 36 weeks onwards, by the time you get to the hospital in labour you will be more dilated than someone who didn't eat dates. But again, who knows if it will really work... Still will be trying!

4. Stretches

Your legs are going to be spread apart for a while.. They gonna be tired! I know that my hip muscles have become weaker over the last little while, and I am trying to add stretches to my night time routine to help this. Come labour time my legs will still be tired and sore, but hopefully not as bad. Plus a good stretch doesn't kill anyone, makes you feel so good! Especially right after a bath and then head into bed! Uh makes me sleep instantly!

5. OIL

This doesn't really have to do with labour, but oiling up your body to prevent stretch marks! I mean no of course I don't want them and will do anything I can to prevent them, but if they happen.. Well, it happens.

But every day twice a day I will use a body oil, cream or a butter and apply it to all over to where normally stretch marks appear ( Stomach, Boobs, Hips, Thighs, Butt, etc) So far so good and don't have any!!

Good Luck mama in your labour and delivery!!