5 Important Pregnancy Must-haves!

Oh Pregnancy is the most wonderful and easy thing a person could do... WRONG! Let me tell you that who ever thinks growing a human is easy, is wrong. The amount we go through is unbearable, but yet we all still manage to keep doing it so it can't be that bad right?! Well, there are some must-haves that will help you get through the best but worse 9 months of your life!

Costco Prentals!

1. Prenatal Vitamin A good prenatal vitamin will not only help you feel better, but will give the proper nutrients to that growing babe or if you are trying to conceive! I highly recommend the one from Costco, same price as Walmart but you get way more of this one and it will last you longer! Make sure you establish a time in the day you will remember to take them!

2. Maternity Wear Was it just me or did anyone else think they could skip out on the whole maternity wear and just buy normal clothes at a bigger size?! Well... let me tell you I learnt real fast when this belly started growing that was definitely not the case. I needed to go and invest in some maternity wear to be truly comfortable.

When I finally went and looked at maternity wear, I was shocked by the prices!!! How could they be so dang expensive?! I ended up leaving the mall and looked up some places that were cheaper and more affordable. I found that Once upon a child, and thrift stores were going to be my best friend for the next little bit! Now that I have some maternity wear I am 100% more comfortable!

3. Protein

Suffering from morning sickness? Feeling like you have no energy? Well girl you are just starting! But if you increase your protein intake you are more than likely to feel less tired and even get rid of that morning sickness. Believe me I know how hard it is to when all we want to eat is salted crackers as we feel like we are going to puke our world out. Try adding them in ways you wouldn't even realize! Add a good protein powder to your smoothies, yogurt, or even make a shake out of them! Look for protein granola bar! There are many ways to add the protein in every day! Believe me you will feel 100% better after! Plus come second trimester you need to increase your protein intake! Might as well get a head start!

4. Exercise

Sick to your stomach, barely slept, has aches and pains and you want me to go exercise? Are you crazy? I know that is probably the last thing on the to do list. But exercise throughout pregnancy is such important key to having a good healthy pregnancy, labour and recovery.

It will also help you get back in shape after babe!

5. Water

You want me to drink 10 cups (2.3L) of water a day? Even though I already pee every 5 mins? I might as well move my bedroom into the bathroom! Who really drinks that much water in a day? I know I surely do not drink that much! I do however keep a water bottle with me at all times that way I don't have an excuse not to try and drink all the water I need in a day! If i can drink at least 3 of these a day I am a happy pregnant lady! Even though I am increasing my bathroom trips. They say that drinking efficient amount of water a day will keep that nasty morning sickness away, help indigestion and take away heart burn!