Im finally here to share my labour story, for all of you who have asked.. HERE IT IS! :) Thursday morning finally approached Josh and I were very nervous... well I was more nervous then him.. my body was about to be ripped a part.. I was expecting a call from the hospital around 830 for them to tell me what time they want me to come in.. nothing was heard by 830 so I called them, they told me to come for 11. Time went SO fast I was not prepared for how fast it went and finally we got to the hospital my heart was racing.. thought I was going to have a heart attack, we get upstairs to the 4th floor and the room we needed to be in and waited... and processed to wait for over 2 hours!! I was getting so annoyed it was past 1:00 and my appt was at 11!! Finally after hours a nurse comes out and talks to us.. ' I am sorry we are way to busy today to induce you'' I was FURIOUS, I was so worked up over the fact they weren't going to do anything and made us wait for such a long period and have me come in and have it booked for them not to do anything. Eventually the nurse took us to the back room and put us in triage room and made us wait for over 9 hours for them to come in tell us we have spoken to your OB and we have to start the process of inducing you. Well that is kind of why I am here. I was beyond annoyed at this point. The decided to come in at 7:30 after hours of waiting for them to put cervidal in. Which is a long white tampon looking thing that goes way up inside to help '' ripen your cervix'' leading you start contractions. This process.. no joke took 30 seconds, again they made us wait 2 hours to make sure no reaction happened. Which of course it didn't, the only reaction that was happening was my stomach was girdling, I was annoyed and so tired just ready to get back home. We finally got back home around 9:30 both my husband and myself were exhausted, I decided that ill a nice relaxing bath before bed and calm myself down and be able to get a good sleep since this cervidal is suppose to take 24hours to work, so I THOUGHT I had time. 10:30 rolled around and It was time for bed, I fell asleep and Josh came to bed around 12:00, and thats when things decided to take a turn. I woke up from him getting into bed, he fell asleep and I laid there and my stomach was starting to cramp. I thought it cant be already.. I have literally had this thing in for just over 2 hours, so I got up to go pee and get a drink of water and BOOM it started. I had no '' simple transition into contractions, I started right away with 2mins apart. I started walking around the house and trying to relax and thinking its only the start Shae you are in control of them now take control of them. Which helped SOOOOO much! 10mins go by and my husbands mom texted me to see how I was doing and I explained to her what I was feeling and how close the sharp pains were... ill never forget her response.. '' You might want to go the hospital... those are very close together'' once again I started to panic because now its really happening. I got dressed and headed upstairs to our room to wake Josh up who only got 30mins of sleep prior to his lovely awakening. I woke him and told him we need to go back right now. He looked at me shocked and said '' are you sure? all I could do was shake my head.

He got up got dressed and we headed out the door.. this time it was POURING the rain he ran to the car to get it started.. meanwhile I am hobbling my way to the car slowly getting soaked finally get in the car, now soaked. On the bright side since it was 1am we needed caffeine we stopped at 7-11 and got coffee in order to keep ourselves up. ill never forget that! Finally arrived at the hospital and I am so thankful we stopped and got coffee we were soaked and cold, it warmed us up so much! We registered I am sitting there with the lady telling her my information bent over the counter about to cry I was in so much pain, although I can't remember what it feels like to have the contractions all I can remember is how my body was coping with them. Finally we got back upstairs and the nurse was shocked to see me so soon again, she told me to change and get comfy in bed and the OB will come in and check to see how far I have dilated and sure enough we were at 3cm!