Complications throughout Pregnancy

We all know it can happen, but you never really think it will happen to you.. Well, let me tell you thats exactly what happened to me. I thought my pregnancy was going well, I was healthy, babe was healthy everything was going good! We were into our third trimester and around 31 weeks pregnant things took a change.

I noticed I was becoming EXTREMELY itchy. Yes, itchy like I could scratch my skin off itchy. I knew it wasn't normal, so what did I do? GOOGLED it and thankfully I did google it. Even though we are known for googling things and making ourselves more worried then we are supposed to, in my case my instinct was correct. Couple different things came up, my mind started to wonder off and I started to panic about all the different options. I came across one complication called '' Cholestasis of Pregnancy'' which is not talked about lots. But from what I read, I thought to myself, '' Please god please don't be this'' Well sure enough it was, and if I hadn't have googled it I probably would have left it be and thought it was just dry skin or allergies.

You are probably thinking, how can itchiness become dangerous?! Well, when you are woken up in the night because in between your toes are so itchy you want to cry, you can't sit down without continuously scratching, there is 100% something going on. I got diagnosed with Cholestasis of pregnancy around 31 and half weeks, the itchiness is caused by the bile acids in your liver to raise. I had to be put on a medication to help lower the levels and be monitored for a while which resulted in a lovely week stay in the hospital. My blood pressure kept spiking up to a dangerous level, my bile acids kept rising and babe was at risk. Typically with this condition they will induce you between 36-37 weeks pregnant, if not your chance of still birth goes up. That made me panic and think what if something in the next 5 weeks?

Things really started to look down for me at this point, I am stuck in the hospital for a week, no one would give me a proper update about what was happening. I kept getting woken up every 4 hours for blood work, getting my blood pressure checked, having her checked and no one knew what the plan was. I was terrified, I kept thinking to myself, '' How come me?! I thought this was going good we are almost at the end''

I was so disappointed I kept thinking, did I do something to cause this?! I think I asked the doctor at least 3 times a day if it was my fault. I felt at fault. I wasn't though. My body just couldn't keep up with the my liver towards the end. I felt hopeless that there was nothing I could do to help, expect take this medication and pray that nothing happened to babe.

Eventually I got out of the hospital things were finally looking up from there, I had to monitor myself at home, any headaches any pain anything different I needed to go back to the hospital ASAP or it could be extremely dangerous for the both of us. I felt I should have just stayed in the hospital but I wanted to be in my own bed and relax. I was so paranoid. I couldn't wait for it to be over and have her in my arms healthy and safe. I went in for my 36 week check up at the hospital on a Monday and was told that i am going to be induced on the Thursday. I finally felt so much relief that my worries are almost over.

Throughout all of this I have learnt that anything can happen at point even at the very end of your pregnancy. I took my pregnancy for granted

that everything is going well and that nothing could happen. Although thats not true, anything can happen even when you are due in less then 5 weeks. I am thankful that I decided to google the terrible itchiness or it could of ended in a completely different state. SO even though google may make us worry its WORTH the quick google.