Being pregnant at a young age

I am in my early 20's, so I am considered an '' Adult'' but let me tell you I am still far away from being an adult. I still have so much to learn. Now In just over 2 months I will have this tiny little human to care for. Scary? Extremely. But let me tell you that being younger doesn't make me incapable of being a great mom. There are women out there who became a wonderful parent at earlier ages than me! Having a baby young doesn't put your life on hold while others are travelling the world. Will you have to make moderations now, Yes. But is it worth it? Yes. What is better watching something you grew inside of you for 9 months, cared for, loved and nurtured, or being black out drunk for a weekend and regreting it? We will all have different opintions on this, some just aren't baby people. In the end you shouldn't judge someones capablility of being a great parent just because you, yourself arent one or could never see your self being one. Being a mom is the hardest job out there, the little things we give up just for this little human. Each and every day that gets closer to her arrival, makes me more and more scared of this becoming a reality. I am scared. I am scared of failing. Making mistakes. Being a horrible mother. And most of all being judge at my ability to be the best mom out there. All these doubts come from the world of judgement and rude comments that you recieve when being pregnant at a younger age.

Being a young mom has it advantages, I will be able to keep up with you and enjoy a healthier lifestyle longer. We will have a special bond, you wont jut think of me as your ''mom'' but someone who you trust and can relate too in many ways. But being a mother already even with you still inside your cozy little womb, is hard. Mother hood is not easy. You can read all the books, online videos, take classes, ask your friends but it will never fully help you for the real deal. People are going to voice their opinions to you loud and clear and not give a shit about the outcome. They will try and tare you down, knock you onto your feet. Burn you bridges, but STOP. Don't let them get in your head. You got this mom. You will be able to do it! You are a super women, who else can grow a human inside them for 9 months, go through the pain we go through durning birth, raise the baby, having their boobs feel raw 24/7 just because we need to feed our baby. Not many can do it all, but YOU can & YOU will!

Its a long journey fom the mintue you see that postive sign on that little stick, you will feel joy and then probably spend an hour crying and wondering what to do. You will embrace the journey and each and every day that goes by you will fall in love more and more with this tiny little human. Your 9 months is nearly up, your scared but hell who wouldnt be? Labour is around the corner, but you are more excited then scared. Your 9 months is up. Baby is here! You coulnd't be more thrilled and excited, you did it mama! Now enjoy being the mom you always dreamt of being, embrace it and don't let anyone knock you down!

You are strong and powerful! Believe in yourself!