Baby items

Okay I know I still have lots to learn as I still have just over 2 months left until my princess is here, but let me just say the amount I have gone on pintrest, instagram, facebook mom groups etc looking for answers on what I need just for essentials is insane!

Everyone out there will of course have a different opinions, so ill share mine as well. As princess still needs to make her grand enterance into the world I know these are the essentials I am going to need.

So let me share plus Ill tell you where to find the expensive verison of them all!

1. Baby under shirts! I think I have seriously boughten about 100 of these, ranging from Newborn- 12months. I know for sure that even though she is going to be a May baby it still going to be cold enough that we will need to layer up at times. Now if you are anything like me, you are excited for this baby, But not the cost of having one. Lets face it the smaller the human the more expenisve it will be. Of course I bought some new clothes but I also resorted myself to a place called '' Once upon a child'' its basically a place where familys can go turn in there good conditions baby items for $$ ! Good deals to be found there!

2. Footed onsises

I know 100% that these will be a nessecitsty for the next couple years, I mean who wouldnt want to sleep having their feet covered and be warm the whole night? They have the absolute cutest onsises out there for little ones, every time I walk past a baby story I must stop and alway end up buying some more of these.. Now hopefully shes like them as much as I do.

3. Hats

Is it just me or does it really grind your gears when you see someone baby with out a hat on in the cold? Like if my ears are cold I CAN'T imagine how cold little one is. That is the one thing i completely stocked up on, She must wear a hat when its cold out and even in the sun!! I know that all the money i spent and put towards hats will not be wasted.

4. Diapers and wipes

Okay lets just say I don't think I will be running out anytime soon of diapers or wipes. I have done a major stock pile of them before her arrival that way I don't have to be running out and having to pack up a little human with me for 5 mins at a store. I would highly suggest getting lots of diapers and wipes went they go on sale. I found the best deals at Walmart and Costco!

5. Proper changing station

Our new favourite activity is going to be changing diapers, so why not invest in something thats going to be easier on you. I personally bought a changing table that underneath was a small dresser, that way after babe is done using it, there is a second use for it besides all the changes of the poopy diapers. Find the one that fits your height properly, you aren't going to want to be bent over consatnyl hurting your back espically not after labour!

Now these are the top 5 essientals I know i will need and of course there is probably another good 10 I could list. But at the end of the day do what YOU think is best and what is going to make your life easier. All of our babies are different, what is an essisental to me could be a waste for you! YOU do what YOU think is best!

When princess makes her grand arrival, I will create a list of all the top baby essentials I needed , loved, and hated! But for now we will stick with the basics!

'' When you become a mom the last thing you want to do is feel judged, because everyone is trying the best they can''

-Jessica Alba