About Me

Hi lovely!

Glad you found your way here! Let me start by introducing myself and telling you a bit about who I am and what my intentions are! Lets start off with my name is Shae-Lynn, but go by Shae, I am in my early 20's and a mama to be in 2 months! Over the last little awhile I have really learnt about self care, health, exercise, and simple easy mama proof tasks. Because Lets face it I am going to be one crazy busy mama soon. I have looked and researched every topic a mama to be could possibly think of, but not much information or the answers out there I was looking for. Of course I don't want to be spending a crap ton of money on books, classes etc, when all I wanted was a quick google search and have them right then and there. Well lucky for you if you are anything like me, thats what my intentions are here! I want to make it simple but easy and affective way for all of you lovely ladies out there to come together and be able to find the answers, topics, or even just have a little chat with other mamas out there!

My goal is to make our stressful time a little easier! So check back every day and see what our topic is that day!

Look forward to hearing from all you lovely ladies! Xoxo