8 things I wish I was told during pregnancy

Pregnant? Trying ? Just found out? We'll we've all been there and we have all googled '' IM PREGNANT IS THIS NORMAL?'' Or at least I have.. Many times, probably at least 5 times a week. So many changes that happen to the body while pregnant, and we only know the very minimal until it actually happens. We all suspect, bigger boobs, gaining weight, stretch marks, big bump etc, ok... but what about the not so fun ones behind it all? So let me share the not so fun things.

1. Coffee? Big no no.. Wrong! Enjoy that coffee, just keep in moderation. Doctors recommend 200 mg of coffee a day ( 12 oz cup) Which is equivalent to a medium cup at Tim Hortons! So if you really want that coffee, you go get it girl.

2. Large and in-charge nipples, Oh yes thats right. One day they will be fine next morning you will wake up and BAM they are the size of different plates. Don't worry its normal, no need to google it. It will go away, just not any time soon.

3. Breathing? Yeah that thing we need to do every day all day in order to live? Becomes VERY difficult midway through, when the baby is packing on the fat and sitting up higher makes it very difficult for mama to breath. Oh, that also means... Yup Snoring... You are going to sound like a train coming through for the next little while. It's okay though Embrace your inner train.

4. '' Sleep as much as you can before baby comes, you'll really thank me for the idea'' Lady.. have you tired sleeping when you got to pee every 2 mins? Your legs are on fire? You can barely breath?Having a baby roll around all night long having a party in there.. Sleeping becomes very difficult. if you are lucky enough to have a good sleep throughout your whole pregnancy, be THANKFUL!

5. Changes to the downstairs, well before you get are lucky enough to go through birth. You get to experience a lot of changes to the lady parts. Which no one seems to tell you that, it will feel like someone punched you, it will smell, you will lots of discharge, which only leads to yeast infections. Yup enjoy 9 months of yeast and even UTIS. Pregnant women are prone to them, if you think you have one though talk to the doctor right away or you will be so uncomfortable .

6. Leg cramps. Im so thankful that I get these... NOT. They are beyond painful and like to come in the middle of the night, when all you want is sleep. I have learnt though, don't try and fight them just go with the painful flow. I did figure out that flexing your foot upwards helps a bit not much but just a little bit, just don't point your toes forward or you will have even more pain. I had heard about them happening, but never expected them to be as bad as they were.. And let me tell you I was WRONG.

7. Scratching like you got the chicken poxs? Well its okay its normal, however its rather annoying. You will get itchy in places you never once thought you could. One minute you will be fine then the next BOOM you are crying because you are so itchy.

8. Smelling the cookies that the old lady made down the street? Or the people two blocks away BBQ? Welcome to the world of having a super power. Not the coolest one but hey, at least you have one! You have super sonic smelling abilities for the next little while. It can be a blessing, but also can take a turn for the worse. Don't need to be smelling something nasty then be throwing up. I thought that this would go away after a couple weeks, but nope it has still stuck around till the third trimester.

Although I was never told some of these things, I can say that I truly LOVE being pregnant despite all these little things! Hope you enjoy it as well!!