1st Trimester

Congrats lady! You have officially discovered you're growing a little bean! Now you may already be feeling tired, sick to your stomach and that it will never end. Let me tell you it does get better! Only a little longer! Now you may start to feel some of these symptoms, which are normal to expect in trimester one!

Here we go!

1. Sore Boobs

Just when we thought we could dodge the sore boob club, well we all thought wrong! Sore boobs will be sticking around for the next little while. Your boobs will be getting extra blood flow, fat production ( Hello bigger boobs!! ) As well as lots more hormones! Time to invest in a supportive bra! Don't worry girl, sore boobs won't be sticking around too long.

2. Nipple to boob ratio

Oh yeah, you heard me right. Nipple to boob ratio is defiantly not going to be a thing for the next little bit!

Your nipples are going to get darker, larger, and indulge in the bump club! Thats right, your nipples are going to have small dark little bumps all over them! Don't worry its normal! It's small little glands that will help lube your breast when breast feeding!

3. Extra spit

Looking like a drooling dog over there? Well, join the club! Unforentantly when being pregnant lots of unsual things happen to our bodies and well this is one of them! The extra spit our bodies produce no one really knows, they assoicated it to our homones. But they also say that the extra spit is usally best friends with nausea! Our bodies tend to give us a far warning when we are ready to throw up, the first warnign sign is the extra spit! Don't worry though having all this extra drool is going to harm you or babes! its normal!

4. Tiredness

Feeling like you haven't slept in 100 days? Even though you just woke up? Girl, let me tell you I couldn't go the first trimester without at least a two hour nap a day or I couldn't function! Get all the rest you can in the first trimester, because come second youll have all your energy back and before you know it youll have a baby! Being as tired as we are is completely normal, your body is going through big changes right now! Proudcing all the extra hormones it needs to create this beautiful babe! Make sure you are eating enough healthy foods, that will help cure a slight portion of being so tired!

5. Acne

Oh thats right, let take it back to our teenage years.. with acne every where! Although you might be lucky and get to dodge this one! If you don't get any acne trimester one, its very unlikely you will get it come second or third! Unforentantly our best friend acne is here because of the increased hormones. But don't feel to discouraged, there are ways to help it! But before you go out and buy any products that may have helped with your teenage years, STOP and talk to your doctor first! Some products may not be good for pregnancy! Always check with your doctor first, and read the lables closely!

First trimester runs through month 1-3 or weeks 1- 12! You got this Mama! Second trimester is around the corner and youll be glowing and feeling better in just a short few weeks!